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Hello everyone!

On the 7th May I placed an order on the H&M website, on the 29th May I received said order. Never have I waited so long to receive an order with everything being in stock and having paid for delivery. But anyway, I'm going to show you what I ordered and some other bits! Enjoy!

First off, I ordered 3 basic tank tops. I plan to wear these during the day on holiday over a bikini as they are very very thin and baggy despite them being a size small. They are actually longer than I expected so I'm debating whether I can get away with wearing them on there own as a kind of dress? 

As you can see from the pictures above, the fabric is very thin but I like that. These are for my holiday after all. 

Price: £3.99 each.

Next, I picked up this mint green crop top. I bought it in a size 12 because I didn't actually want it to be a crop top, I wanted it to be a normal length, which it is. Again, the fabric is very thin and baggy so it's not going to cling to you. I think this is my favourite colour of the H&M tops I bought.

Price: £1.99!

Next, I bought this shirt for Tom from Tesco, I know it's nothing fancy but I just thought it was really cool. It has hotdogs on it! Who could resist? Even if he doesn't wear it in England, I'm sure he'll wear it on holiday. 

Price: £9.

Also from Tesco, I bought some simple flip flops, just for around the pool and the beach and things like that.

I think they're really casual and not too dressy for day time, just what you need to chill with on holiday!

Price: £2.50 each, you just can't beat it, even at Primark! 

Penultimately, I 'treated myself' (These treats really do have to stop) to this denim-look skater skirt from New Look. I was tempted to buy one similar from River Island but it was £28 and had buttons down the front however when I found this one I got that mental block you have in shops sometimes, you know when you think 'OH sod it! I deserve it!!' :|

I've been seeing these all over the place recently, I think they really are the hight of fashion ATM and I don't really follow trends, I'm one of them who catches on a year later, so I'm extreeemely happy to have one. I have lots of things planned for this little number. It's so purdyy!

Price: £17.99.

And lastly are these Maybelline Colour Show nail polishes. The blue colour is called 'Cool Blue' and the pinky coloured one is just a top coat. I painted my nails with these today so look out for a review! :)

Price: £2.99

And that is everything! Hope you enjoyed reading this post, and I hope I've inspired you to pop down to your local Tesco and pick up some cheap-as-chips flip flops and a hotdog shirt! 

Any thoughts or questions, leave them in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you!


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