Productive Tuesday!

Hello everyone!

As you may have noticed from the title, today has been an extremely productive day for me! I woke up at 10ishAM, put on my makeup using the Poundland makeup I bought and said I'd review for you in THIS post so you'll see that up probably tomorrow. 

After I'd made myself up, I decided to repaint the green wall in my bedroom. I have 2 walls wallpapered, 1 wall painted and the other wall is consumed with floor to ceiling built in wardrobes so you don't see that one. So basically I have have 1 wall to paint. I had half a tin of paint left over from last time I painted it which was a year ago and through burning candles and things like that the wall wasn't very clean any more and needed freshening up. It took me around an hour and a half to paint and it looks miles better and it cost me nothing!

After that I was starving so I decided to try one of the Bachelor's pot noodle kinda things. It was alright, a bit meh, you don't really get much in the pot and I've come to the conclusion that I definitely prefer normal Pot Noodles!

Next, I put fresh sheets on my bed, it didn't really need it as I only changed them two days ago, but I was in full-on clean mode so I did it anyway. Currently looking forward to fresh bedding tonight :D 

After that I brought all my furniture back in my room, hoovered and polished all the sides down including my piano which never gets cleaned, tramp.

What do you think? I totally forgot to take 'before' pics :(

And then my last but pretty large task was to organise my wardrobe. I say my 'wardrobe' but really I mean: floordrobe, back-of-the-door-drobe, on-top-of-piano-drobe, wherever-it-lands-drobe. Honestly, clothes in my room don't have one single home, they live where they want to. But not any more!

I hung up a load of tops from my holiday which I'd just folded and put at the bottom of the wardrobe, this way I might actually get some use out of them. I also reorganised the pile of clothes that do actually chill at the bottom of my wardrobe by putting the ones I most commonly wear at the top. Also I had a bunch of 'going out' dresses hanging on the back of my door which are now all stored in my wardrobe! And bags which were hung up on the door also have a new home. I'm so very pleased with myself! I absolutely HATE putting clothes away and I'm naturally a relatively tidy person but putting clothes away is definitely my downfall, ain't nobody got time fo' dat.

And lastly I have made a hairy decision. I'm going to grab the dog by its balls and dip dye my hair lavender.


No, I am actually going to do it. I've wanted it for ages and today I just thought 'you know what? I'm just gonna do it', I can afford to lose a few inches off my hair if I don't like it anyway. I'm going to go to my hairdressers and tell her exactly how I want it, taking in visual representations. My hair is blonde so I'm planning on keeping it blonde about 3/4 of the way down then makng the last 1/4 the actual lavender colour. I am very excited about this! Let me know if you've dip dyed your hair and how you maintain it, for example, does the colour stay in for a decent amount of time? How easy is it to dye it back to your normal colour if you don't like it? I'd appreciate any responses/suggestions! :)

Whilst deciding that I was going to pursue the purple hair dream, I thought it'd only be fitting to paint my nails purple :D So using a pastel purple colour I got in a set a while back from Claire's and Maybelline's Top Coat I did just that. May I add how ridiculously difficult it is to get the Barry M Nail Confetti I reviewed HERE off your nails. Had to whip out the glitter trick:

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that weird ramble ramble post (my friend has a cat called ramble hah), I hope you're all having / have had a wonderful day and I shall see you next tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!


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