Collection 2000 Lasting Lip Stain, Review.

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I've been meaning to write a review on this Collection Lip Stain for a while now but the truth is, I bought it and decided it was to much faffing to actually ever wear. I think I did wear it once a while back but never picked it up again.

Recently when I was sorting out some makeup to take on holiday I found it and thought I'd better make an attempt to wear it and since then I've actually really enjoyed it.

Okay, it'll never replace my love for normal lipsticks but it's no where near as high maintenance as I thought it was going to be. 

The applicator is similar to a felt-tip pen. It feels quite weird because you actually have to draw your lips on, it's unusual. However it's easy enough to apply and it actually smells and tastes quite pleasant. 

You can see how it looks on me below:

The item claims to be long lasting and I do think it lasts longer than a lipstick would but I don't think it's anything to write home about, honestly. I found that it lasted okay for about 3 hours but as soon as it started to wear away it all rapidly disappeared.

Below, the top picture shows the lip stain about 3 hours after application and the bottom picture shows it around 6 hours after application: 

I found that it did cling around the edges and to any dry parts, which is normal for any lip product I'd say.

It also claims to be 'weightless' and 'smudge proof' (Comments are on the Superdrug website if you're wondering). I would definitely say it's smudge proof, usually with lipsticks, if I eat anything it comes off on my chin, it's so weird haha, that doesn't happen with this at all, once it's on, it stays put. 

As a consequence of this, it is quite drying, it provides no moisture to the lips so if that's what you're looking for, or if you have very dry lips, personally I'd refrain from using this. Also, if you have dry lips it kind of clings to those places and sets unevenly so it's just not a good look.

As far as it's 'weightlessness' I actually do agree with this. It seems weird but I think lipsticks can feel quite heavy on the lips, does anyone know what I mean? With this product you have the freedom to just forget that it's there for a while unlike lipsticks which you can feel on your lips. 

Overall, I do like this product. I think it does last longer than a normal lip product but definitely not all day. I like the texture of it and its taste. I enjoy the colour, I have it in the shade 'Pout' which is very vibrant and summery. The only thing I don't like and does stop me from wearing it sometimes is the way that it dries out the lips, but I think most lip stains do this so it's not on its own. 

If you'd like to buy this, or just have a look, you can see it HERE.

Price: £4.99

Would I recommend this product? Yes.
Would I repurchase this product? Maybe.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and that it helped some of you out!

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