The Raggy Dolls!

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I watched Sprinkleofglitter's 'My First Time' video and one of the questions was about the programmes you used to watch. When I started thinking about what I used to watch The Raggy Dolls popped into my mind. Does anyone else remember these?

I'm so sad that I forgot all about them! 

The programme aired on TV during the 80s and finished in 1994. I remember watching them on video. I think the programme aimed to get children used to all different kinds of people.

The programme was based around a toy factory where any dolls who were not 'perfect' were put in to the 'Reject Bin' then they'd come to life and have adventures. It was such a good children's programme.

Anyway, I just thought I'd write a post about this since I was so thrilled about finding the opening song on YouTube! 

Let me know if you used to watch this, since it aired in the 80s and I wasn't born until 1993 most of my friends have never heard of it.

What programmes did you watch as a child? 


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