What's in my travel makeup bag?

Hi everyone!

I've been on a mission today, sorting out my suitcase, making sure everything fits in. We don't have much weight for our luggage, when we booked the travel agent said we had 15kilos each however I was looking on the travel itinerary and that says we have 20kilos each so I don't know whether to play it safe or just go for the 20!

Anyway, today, I went through my makeup collection and discovered a few things that haven't seen the light of day for a while but are perfect for going away.

Below is that bag I'm taking for my makeup. It's just a simple black box shaped back. It's very sturdy though which I like.

You can see below the majority of what I'm taking. It's mostly bronzers and blushers and things that are going to make me look glowy!

I'm taking my MAC Studio Sculpt foundation which I rarely wear because I'm not keen on the thickness and I have it in NC15 and when I wear tan which is quite often it's too light. So I'm also taking an instant wash off tan to mix it with to darken the tone. Obviously, this will be a night time foundation as it's going to be far too much for day time.

I've also rediscovered some MaxFactor minis I got in one of them free boxes they do sometimes if you spend so much on that range. So I'm taking the mini lipstick, cream blush and mascara. I'm also taking a mini Urban Decay lipgloss and eye primer.

I have there a water proof eyeliner from Barry M. It's just a plain black eyeliner but I do like to have some eyeliner on during the day. I'm getting my eyelashes tinted so I probably won't wear mascara throughout the day because I hate the waterproof stuff! I'll write a review on it's waterproofness when it's been tried and tested!

I'm also taking a Chilli Pepper eyeshadow quad I've had for a while now, I think it's from Boots if you're interested but I doubt they still do it. I have a MaxFactor bronzer which I don't use at home because I'm too pale normally for bronzer. I'm taking a cream blush by Gosh in the shade Peachy Rush, it's very pretty. 

I also have my regular makeup such as my eyebrow things, stay matte, mascara but they're syatying out till that morning.

For a closer look at the eyeshadow quad:

It's in very sturdy packaging and isn't too bulky so it's not going to take up a vast amount of space as something like my Urban Decay Nakeds would. 

It has 4 bronze colour which could make a few nice looks I think the lightest colour would be nice under the brow and on the inner corners the coppery/red would be nice in the crease. I think it's just a better idea to take something small rather than say the Naked palettes. Plus, I know I'm getting some use out of this, you never know it may become a favourite!

I also rediscovered this Accessorize Bronzing Block. I have it in the shade 4 and I used to use it all the time as a warm blush.

As you can see, there are 4 different shades you can either just use the pinks for a blush or mix them all together for a bronzer. I'm looking forward to using this again!

And that's about it really. I will probably add a few more things but I don't really need to I hope that I won't be lashing on the makeup while I'm there haha. I also enjoyed 'shopping my stash' because I found some things I totally forgot about which is cool!

Anyway, thanks for reading! Let me know if you're going anywhere nice over the summer :)


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