Haul! Boots, Urban Outfitters, Primark and Homesense!

Helloooo everybody!

Today's post is going to be a haul! Yayyy :)

As you may know if you read my previous post, some shopping happened yesterday when Tom and I went to Manchester so I'm going to show you what I bought. 

I know I seem to write quite a few haul posts, the reason being is that if I don't post about them relatively soon after buying them I totally forget to write about them all together. I did consider saving things and writing less but bigger haul posts but I don't think that set up would really work for me! So I hope you enjoy the frequent haul posts haha. Let me know!

Moving on...

First, Urban Outfitters, Tom kindly bought me this really nice, green hoodie. I used to have a blue hoodie but my sister decided she could take it upon herself to wear it once and never give it back! So I saw this one in the sale and thought it'd be nice for just throwing on throughout summer if we go somewhere but I don't want to take a jacket, that kinda thing. It's sooo comfy and looks really cool. I got it in a size M so it's quite oversized but I like it that way :) They also had the same style in blue and red.

The hoodie was £14 in the sale reduced from £39 and I also got student discount so it actually cost£12.60 :)

You can see it HERE if you want to take a look :) 
It's showing up at £15 online but in the store it was £14, weird!

Next I picked up a couple of things from Boots one of which I've had my eye on for AGES!

Firstly, I'll quickly mention the MaxFactor CC Cream. I asked the lady at the counter if MaxFactor had discontinued my FAVOURITE foundation in the world ever, the Weightless Foundation. It's the perfect shade for my pale skin and I was so upset that I could find it no longer.

Alas! The lady said it had been repackaged and renamed as the CC Cream. I don't really get this because the old packaging just represented it as a foundation whereas this new packaging says it's a Colour Correcting cream yet she said that they were the exact same thing?! I don't get it, have they just decided it's a CC cream or have they tweaked it a bit? 

Anyway, I'm going to try it and I'll let you know if I think it's changed in any way :)

Secondly from Boots I FINALLY took the plunge and bought an actual foundation brush! I've been eyeing these Real Technique brushes for so long, I've dragged Tom around the brush isle millions of times, stood there for a good 10-15 minutes deciding which would be best to buy and then leaving with none. 

I just find it so difficult to part with £10 for a brush!

I know they're very reasonably priced for makeup brushes, I just don't know why I have that problem because I can part with £10 quite easily for a foundation. I think it has something to do with the fact that with my foundation I know what I'm getting, with the makeup brushes I wasn't sure which one I wanted, whether I'd use it, whether to get the core collection or just a single, am I picking up the right one?!?!

After careful consideration, I just went for the Expert Face Brush, I've heard it's great for liquid foundation and gives a medium-full coverage which is what I like so I'm happy I picked this one up and I'm looking forward to seeing how I get on with it! Very exciting!

The brush is £9.99 and you can see it HERE.

I managed to drag Tom in to the Manchester Primark muahaha. He hates the place and to be honest, so do I. It gets ridiculously busy and it's just too crazy for both our likings. But we decided it was a week day, there's no better time to tackle Primark than a weekday (weekends are hectic) so we'd just run in buy what I wanted and get out. 

I'd already seen what I wanted so, you know, it worked out well. 

I picked up this nifty little makeup bag, well you can use it for anything you want but they're my intensions, it has a cool aztec design all over it, it's fabric and a good size to hold my everyday makeup! I like it very much! :) I'll probably write a 'what's in my everyday makeup' post when I've got it sorted if that's something you'd be interested in?

You can buy this little number for a bargainous £3 :)

Lastly, we went into the new Homesense store which recently opened in the Arndale, has anyone else visited there yet? I really liked it, I saw a few things I'd have liked to buy if I had an endless pot of monies........

I have serious troubles when it comes to resisting something sparkly that I can put a candle in and if it's green too; game overrrrrrr.

Anyway, I resisted, Tom pushed me away, and I ended up just buying this room spray affair (could have just bought a normal air freshener, I know, but this looks pretty and matches my room!). It smells really nice and refreshing, they had about 4 different scents and I think it'll be handy to have in the morning when I need to just freshen the room up! :)

This cost £2.99 :)

So I hope you enjoyed reading this! I doubt you'll see another haul for about a week or so now because I'm hoping to get my hair done (yay lilac ombre!) before/on this Saturday (29th) for my night out which will set me back about £60 wah!

However, I do have a few things I'm waiting for in the post, my ROMWE top, a H&M order and a new bar for my scaffolding piercing so they'll be up when they arrive!

Have a nice day!


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