Summery OOTD - 19/6/13

Hello everyone!

Thought I'd show you today's summery outfit since it's the first time I've worn something remotely summery here in the UK!

Everything I'm wearing is pretty old now so I can't link you to the items unfortunately but the outfit is pretty easy to recreate anyway :) Hope you enjoy!

I'm wearing some River Island white linen pants from literally about 5 years ago hah.

Also I have on a Topshop top which I bought in one of the sales a while back, I like the bug print on it and I think Hector does too!

On my feet I just have some blue flip clips from Clarks which also are about 5 years old!

Definitely shopped my clothing stash today!

Tom's OOTD consists of:
 1 Alpine Media uniform 
Ray Bans!

Thanks for reading!

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