Sicilian Lemon Yankee Candle

Hey everyone,

Different kind of post here for you, but I'm thoroughly enjoying it so I'm telling you guys about it!

I've recently been burning this Yankee Candle in Sicilian Lemon and it is so beautiful, it smells citrusy and zesty and summery, such a nice scent to have wafting around a room during the warm months. I't not a thick scent like some of the holiday or seasonal scents are if you get what I mean? You can definitely smell it but it's not over powering. 

I also have the wax tart of this scent and many others, I'm thinking of doing a collection, and they do give off a very powerful scent. When I have one burning upstairs you can smell it all around the house so make sure you pick one you know you'll like haha.

Anyway, I just thought I'd show you this just incase it interests anyone, it certainly interests me. It smells gorgeous! If you enjoy the citrus, fruity kind of scents definitely try 'Fruit Fusion', Tom bought it for me for Christmas and I loved it!

This particular candle I bought off eBay for £15 which isn't too bad for a large jar but still extortionate for a candle. The things we spend money on...

Let me know of any candle recommendations you have :)

Thanks for reading!

Currently about to commence with repainting my green wall .. should be interesting!


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