Hector's Summer Wardrobe (To be continued)

Hello everyone!

As you might know from a few of my previous posts, I have a Bearded Dragon called Hector. You can see him in THIS post and in THIS post. You can also see a few videos of him on my YouTube channel if that takes your fancies!

Anyway, recently I've had a slight obsession with finding and making mini clothes for him and he's developing quite the wardrobe so I thought I'd show you. 

Bear in mind this is just for fun. He doesn't stay in them all day, just long enough to get a few photos. People dress up their dogs all the time, it's just a bit of fun!

First, it started with a nappy, or diaper as you might call it if you're from the other side of the pond. It didn't help at all and he wiggled right out of it but it just looks cool, he looks like a real baby! 

Next I made him a pink tank top out of some left over T-Shirt I cut off. Of everything I've made him this is what he'll keep on for the longest. I think he might secretly like it ;)

You can see him below playing out on his lead in his tank top!

Then came the handbag, it's actually a key ring but it's perfect Hector size. Here he's getting ready to go to the shops, he can't go naked can he?!

One night when I had nothing more productive to do, I made him a grass skirt! Doesn't he look like a little hoola girl! :D I just tied some grass thingys around a loose bobble and it worked perfectly! He looks so sassy!

Lastly, we have leggings! Don't worry I know he's not a girl! I intended to make him some shorts but I under estimated the size and they became leggings! So in the picture below he's sporting a crop top and leggings, doesn't he look dashing? 

And that's Hector's wardrobe!

Hope this post added some humour to your day, please take it lightly, he doesn't sit in a pair of leggings all day! 

Thanks for reading!


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